Unfortunately, thanks to the likes of Blue Nun, German wines still suffer from a dodgy reputation in the UK. Wine drinkers who ‘know what they like’ haven’t forgotten about the horrors of the 70/80s and therefore avoid German wines like the plague. These people are really missing out!! If you haven’t tried anything German recently then I implore you to do so – expect wines full of vibrancy & character, there are some real gems out there.

Lovers of Mosel Riesling will already know about the excellent wines of Dr. Loosen. The group owns Villa Wolf, whose excellent Silvaner I tried this week. The Silvaner grape variety is readily overlooked by many who will pick a Riesling instead but it can offer great value due to it being ‘off the beaten track’ in terms of favourite German varietals.

Villa Wolf

Villa Wolf

The wine has bags of sharp green apples on the nose, if you closed your eyes you might think it was cider. The palate balances this out with lovely stone fruits and good acidity. With an ever so slight spritz, this would make a great aperitif and would be perfect on a warm summer afternoon if we’re lucky enough to have one of those this year!

Origin: Pfalz, Germany

Dominant Grape: Silvaner

Alcohol: 11.5%

Drinking window: Now

Drink with: Aperitif, Light salads.

Price: Around £9/btl